1. Our Story (part 1: Pregnancy and Birth)

I tell people all the time that conversations with me don’t always make sense unless I tell “Our Story,” so here it is.  Let’s start at the beginning. In October of 2012, my husband Josh, and I, found out we were going to have our first baby! woohoo! We called it “squishy” for the first couple months hehe. As soon as we were able to find out the gender at 17 weeks, we drove 30 mins to a specialty place for 3-D ultrasound. I wanted a girl so bad, I was dreaming in pink. The ultrasound tech looked at us and said something like, “Hmm oh, did they say anything about there being two?” She could tell by our wide eyes and giggles at each other that we had no idea. She quickly said, “well wait just let me make sure and get a good look”… “YES! TWO GIRLS!” We could not stop our excited/shocked smiles and laughter. We called our family on the way home and listened to surprised and overjoyed voices. We took pictures and posted them when we got home. We spent the weekend with smiles on our faces…. Then Monday came. The doctor wanted us to come in for them to do an ultrasound. I assumed the appointment was because they had missed the fact that it was twins! So we got to see our girls again and then the doctor came in and said something and then handed me a piece of paper. He started to tell us how the girls had sacs of fluid called cystic hygromas on their necks/backs, and pointed his finger on their little black and white photos. They have other markers for chromosomal abnormalities such as short femurs and possible holes in their hearts. This time the drive home was quiet. I looked down at the paper (I have added the link here) and what sticks in my mind is having a 2% chance of having healthy babies. We spent the following days devastated. I joined a cystic hygroma support ground and started reading miracle stories about the hygromas resolving themselves, or just being the result of delayed lymphatic development. There was hope! We went to the specialist and she said they hygromas that size do not resolve themselves and we should prepare ourselves for the possibility of still born babies (side note: we refused all other options for invasive testing or termination and thank God we did… wait for it.) The specialist also said that if she had to guess which chromosomal diagnosis they would have, she would guess Turner Syndrome. Fast Forward to 28 weeks gestation, and a million ultrasounds and appointments later, I requested to see the specialist again. We went and the HYGROMAS HAD RESOLVED! Hallelujah! We continued to have many check ups and I delivered vaginally at 36 weeks 4 days at our local hospital and the girls had no NICU time. Welcome Amber and Alaina! girlsThey were diagnosed with Turner Syndrome and we went home after 3 days of double diapers, bottles, nursing sessions, pumping, pain and no sleep. It was all going pretty normal?       To be continued…


2 thoughts on “1. Our Story (part 1: Pregnancy and Birth)

  1. Grace Brown says:

    You are such a strong and incredible woman and mother! I am so happy to see you getting your story out there. You will touch and help so many people. I look forward to all the posts to come. ❤


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